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The Parallel Type

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Your relationship type is The Parallel Type.
You and your partner have been struggling for years and stayed together because of convenience, children or other external reasons. Each one of you have your own interests and hobbies. You manage your home as two roommates with no passion or romance.

You’ve discussed the possibility for separation on numerous occasions but never quite followed through. Being in the presence of one another creates stress and defensive responses. The time together during lockdown made it clear to you that you prefer, despite how sad it might be, to go your separate ways.

Your goal is to process your thoughts and feelings. You are keen to understand whether your decision is temporary and a result of the additional stress of the isolation, or whether it something you have wanted to do for a long time, and actually in many ways you’d left already. Working with a counsellor can shed light on what you truly want, putting aside the defensive responses and ego, and support you in making the best decisions for you moving forward.

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