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The Indifferent Type

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Your relationship type is The Indifferent Type. You know your own strengths and weaknesses. You value the family unit and stay in the relationship even though you experience constant challenges. You feel you are stuck in the same old story, the same old conflict, over and over with no hope for resolution. You believe people are impossible to change and therefore you do not expect change. You feel you are doing your best, yet face the same results. Lockdown is over but you feel just as stuck as you did before you had ever heard of the coronavirus.

Your goal is to find your inner motivation to grow and develop. You are aware that some of the issues you experience stem from your own childhood experiences and the way you learnt about close relationships was by observing your own parents marital and parental relationship.

With you, the change has to happen from within. When we feel a lot of pain our perspective and experience of the world understandably narrows. Your goal is to open up to different possibilities, and to learn new ways to connect, repair, and heal.

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