In 30 Days Ready For Love Course You Will:

Learn how to ask for what you need in a way that invites cooperation rather than conflict. 


Start to heal rifts and nurture trust. 


Have fun with your partner!


Benefit your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.


Learn more about yourself, your partner and your relationship.


Increase positive neurotransmissions in your brain. 


Remove barriers and reignite your passion.


Create a plan and a vision for your desired relationship. 


Have a handy tool-box of techniques to ease conflict and enrich your connection.


Understand how the brain works and how to take charge over your mind to benefit your relationship


Learn how to bring your best version of yourself to the present and your relationship. 


Deepen the emotional intimacy that might have worn down by daily routine. 


Increase happiness and joyfulness in your life!  

Why now?

In today’s world, the roles and expectations as spouses has changed, and our ambitions and checklists as individuals have grown. We have less time to focus on the health of our relationships. However, your relationship with your is the most significant factor in your well-being, health and life satisfaction. 


It’s not about finding the time for your relationship, it's about making it your priority. Just as with the health of our body and mind, we need the right tools and exercises to build a relationship that is strong, inspiring and full of spark. I am here to help you with a unique, effective and life transforming program. 


Ready For Love is a guide to transform partnerships from just sharing responsibilities together to sharing a happy life together. In this 30 days online course you will learn to take your relationship out of everyday rut and transform it into the happy and nurturing partnership that you have always desired. Keeping in mind the hectic madness of modern living, I condensed 16 years of clinical practice and research to a powerful and calming programme.

 30 days                                                  5 simple rules                                             15 minutes a day

How it's going to work?

With this course you will have an access to:

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